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Caveman anonymous snipe artist ( on 12/1/2017 - 9:18 a.m. says: ( 28 views , 6 likes )

"Beating them twice"

During the2015 season we had to play Shaw twice, once in the regular and again in the opening round of the playoffs. Before the regular season game we watxched fil and began to sweat. Mostly because of their size ans speed compared to us. We put a pretty good plan together and the kids bought in and we ended up winning 47-0. It was all the start of a pretty special season for us. We were able to get through the rest of the season winning the region and awaiting our play-off match up with you guessed it Shaw. Shaw was actually easily the second best team in their region however because of tie breakers ended up 4th and we had to replay them in the opening round. We got their film and they had had made some adjustments and improved throught the season and we once again went into over drive in the film room. 


Game night rolls around.

As expected they were jacked chanting we want you revenge, all the expected things that scare you in a rematch against a very athletic, more athletiv then you team. Their first posession it seemed like all their bravado was going to pay off as they strung together 4 straight first downs and had advanced to our 30 yard line. Our DC Rooster Russell (Yes Erk Russells Grandson) called a time out and reminded our kids about A @A no bravado no speaches just remember who you are and do YOUR job. The next 4 plays went backwards and we took over on downs at our own 45. Long Story short we won 48-0. 

Moral of the story all the rah rah speaches and get revenbe for the ass beating we took in Aubrn, we owe them one aint worth a damn after about 4 plays. After that it becomes a football game and the team that is best prepared scheme wise, focuses, plays football and does their job will win. 

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