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Top Cat philosopher chef ( on 11/30/2017 - 6:47 a.m. says: ( 44 views , 8 likes )

"I was watching a replay of the Iron Bowl and noticed Saban was distracted. . . ."

My take is that Saban thinks during the game, "No matter what game time decisions I make, we are going to win because we have the best talent on the field. . . .hmm, Why does Gus like Waffle House so much. .Though i love me some scattered and smothered, their coffee is #badword#. Damn, Gus has a nice head of hair, no wonder he does not hide it under a cap and goes with the visor. Come to think of it, maybe I need to don a ball cap 'cause Terry says the spray on hair ain't doing the trick anymore. . . .Damn, Auburn's band beats the #badword# out of our 1960s Dollar Band. . .They got a cool mascot in that eagle. . .I wonder if it could kill a fake elephant. . .Crap. I'm standing right where I was when I threw a fit at the ref in order to get 1 second back on the clock so I could go for that 57 yard field goal. . .hmm, I wonder what Lane Kiffin is doing at that school in Florida. . .What's the name of it? What a douche nozzle he was.  . .Damn, is that Bo Jackson over there? I wish he played for me. . .maybe he could have got that 4th and 1. .oh well, maybe I can get his autograph. . .Those War Eagle girls and Plainsmen sure are pretty and don't look like our Hitler youth disguising as hosts. . . .This is real grass, isn't it?  . That reminds me, I wonder what Les Miles is doing. . .probably not getting his ass kicked like me.

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