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old macdonald noob ( on 11/28/2017 - 10:16 p.m. says: ( 38 views , 5 likes )

"small ramble"

The win over uat was a salubrious victory for sure.

Beating them is always good. But to take them from no 1. Beat them strongly. On big audi2nce tv. All fans turned into and watched that game. Staying tuned bc it was a great gAME.

And after beating no 1 uga.

Wow. Auburn earned some respect. They have done well on the field of play. That Bo Jackson story telling some players to stop dancing u til the clock hits zero - is spectacjlar.. What a game. Wow. So many greats to say to them: great job men. Made me proud TO be a Tiger.

We have tons of spirit right now. Fun times. More to come.

If we beat uga and get it. Holy cows. Sure be fun. But if not, oh well. i still gotta go clean my son's bathroom. Eewh. Noonone wants to clean an 8 yr Boys  bathroom.

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