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WCD cheeto-eatin dupe artist ( on 11/17/2017 - 8:40 a.m. says: ( 32 views , 8 likes )

""We laugh at honor and wonder that there are traitors in our midst""

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He did not pinch it he grabbed it

but before that he called her in school- had her pulled out of class

Her, picking up phone: "Who is this?"

Roy Moore: "Gena it is Roy Moore, what are you  doing?"

Her: "I am in trig class"

Yep- all these womyn are trolls for the Democratic Party- just like Juanita Broderick was a troll for the GOP 


When the sexual predators and perverts are not clustered in corners but are spread through every aspect of the culture where the powerful and privileged reside then we can be sure the contagion is not contained.  

We give Hugh Hefner 1st amendment cover voiced in high minded language and at the same time ridicule "Puritanism."  If we think that does not come w/ a price tag then we are fools indeed.


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“Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline, Communion without confession.... Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate.”    ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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