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"RE: Auburn Graduate Transfers"

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Auburn Graduate Transfers

With Casey Dunn winning SEC OLineman of the week, was thinking abt AU's graduate transfers.

Solid or even all-star contributors - Blake Countess, Michigan; Casey Dunn, Jax State.

Helped the team - T. J. Neal, Illinois

MIA except perhaps special teams - Wilson Bell, FSU


Stanton Truitt, UNC - MIA - "Grad transfer running back Stanton Truitt has struggled with injuries since preseason camp..."

JF3, FAU - has helped the team. 5 catches for 55 yards, no scores; 8 totes for 110 yards and 2 scores.

Can you think of any other grad transfers?


Jeremiah Masoli certainly helped us win at least one game in 2010.

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