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BATJAC1 anonymous snipe artist ( on 10/30/2017 - 11:31 p.m. says: ( 21 views , 5 likes )

"Pat Sullivan is the reason I am an Auburn Man/Fan"

in response to He and Terry will always be the greatest., posted by PharmaTiger
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He and Terry will always be the greatest.

When I was a 4th, then 5th grader, we (me and my little sister and little brother) would wait outside the locker room in the corner of the south endzone... along with a whole bunch of other kids.  I wish I could find all those programs with all those autographs.  My little sister even got Jean to autograph her Auburn Football Illustrated.  

Oh, those wonderful snapshots in our memories.  


My folks were not big football fans.  If anything my Dad was an Ole Miss fan because he spent a good deal of his childhood in Mississippi in the 20s-30s.  He didn't really take a side in the AU-bammer rivalry and my mother really didn't care (even though her side of the family were all sidewalk bahr fans).  

My best friend/worst enemy's (changed every week or so) Dad was a rabid AU graduate.  I was 10 in 1969.  Between Mr. Tate's passion and Sully and Beasley's greatness; I was an Auburn fan forever.  Never a regret.  Will carry it to the grave.  Mother and Dad both became Auburn folks as they eventually had six Auburn degrees in the lineage.  Screw my bammer cousins in the ear of Wayne's choice.

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