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" Why I don't..."

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Why I don't...

I have a similar half a bammer wife, the three dogs and all but one of my children leave the room when I watch AU football (I've heard rumors that some of the neighbors leave as well).  The one child who stays, my 16 year old daughter who I have already designated as the person in charge of choosing the nursing home for me and all end of life decisions, sits with her iPhone and earplugs in, but she loves me (and AU but not so much when I am watching football) so she stays.  All this sounds very much like many other responses here.


The reason I don't post during a game is that I don't want to destroy any limited respect I have earned here by demonstrating the same persona that has driven my wife, my children, my dogs, and the neighbors to depart ground zero during Auburn football games.


That is all.


I don't poast during the games because:

a. I fear BIGJOE's shade will appear like Marely's ghost, except with a TKE rat hat, instead of a cloth tied around the top of his head and jaw, and an old API cowbell instead of chains. He always said that when he was gone if we such and so and he heard about it he would come back and "HAINT YOU". (He also said that he hoped we got a step-daddy that "BEAT YOU WITH CHAINS" every night")BIGJOE never made threats, only promises--they may have been conditional promises e.g. He often said if "YOU KIDS DON'T CUT THAT #badword# OUT, I AM GOING TO GO ON A RUNNING SCREAMING TEAR-ASS FIT". Wei invariably would not cut out that #badword# and then, invariably, "THE RUNNING SCREAMING TEAR ASS FIT" would be went upon. As we reached our teen years, we would some deliberately start that #badword# with the sole intention of not cutting it out so as to commence the 'RUNNING SCREAMING TEAR ASS FIT" and sit back and enjoy same. I digress.

b. The internet is forever. I would rather not have my reactions and statements made during the game preserved for ever. Especially my reactions and statements concerning the first pass that Stidham threw in the dirt (pellets), the KO out of bounds, the bad spot inside the one and the KO return by Pig for a TD. (Second special teams return in as many weeks)

c.Solon in the tale of Croesus tells us that one knows whether they are happy until the end. Who was happier in the 1972 Ahrn Bo, Bama who dominated the game for 49:00 minutes or us.

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