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"Coarch Hand came in The Bean yesterday!"
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Why I poast during the game...or, my right to poast, dammit!

So some of you bozos question people poasting during the game.  Here is why I do it. I sit and watch Auburn games at home for the most part. There is the rare exception that I get to come down to the lovliest village to watch the game.  But when I don't, I watch at home with three daughters that, though lovely and are the light of my world, really don't care about watching. And a wife that, though is awesome and beautiful, also doesn't really care about watching the game. That leaves the dog and I. And when I turn on football on Saturday, he immediately finds another place to be so he is not the only target of me questioning playcalling and wondering why in the hell did we hire a high school football coach in the first place.

Well...that leaves me to myself, and I bore myself.  So, being as I have been part of this fine community and a proud citizen of WHABistan, I reach out to my fellow citizens to share in my stoopid, irrational mid-game thoughts. And that is fun for me. Yes, I know I should really rethink my life. But that's the way it is. So, humor this Knoxville resident and provide some understanding on why I reach out and use WHAB as out outlet for random thoughts that, yes, are many times pretty embarassing post-game. MY RIGHT TO POAST!!!


He did not attribute the improved 2nd half performance to WHAB in-game poasting. But he did not deny it either...
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