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"Speaking of Tuberville, I love the man and his six wins over Bama but he cracks "

me up as a commentator--not so much on the technical aspects of the game (he's as good as Gene the Chiznick explaining defense in an understandable way) but his strategy:

Throughout the USCe v UT game, he said "well you don't want to throw it here over the middle, you may throw a pick" and when USCe had the ball hanging on to a 3 point lead with 3:12 left, Tus said "Well Will doesn't need to score here he just needs to pick up a few first downs is all".

Man oh man. Far cry from Pat SUllivan being the color commentator for Jim Fyffe 1980-1985 whose comment on every down and distance unless inside the opponent's35 was "Now is a good time to throw the bomb, Jim".

1st and 10 at own 20 "Now is a good time to throw the bomb, Jim"

2nd and 9 at the opponents 45? "Now is a good time to throw the bomb, Jim"

3rd and 1 on your own 43? "Now is a good time to throw the bomb, Jim"

4th and 8 on your own 37 in a tie game? "Now is a good time to fake the punt and throw the bomb, Jim"

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