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" P. Marshall: AU people need relief."

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P. Marshall: AU people need relief.



I agree with Phillip when he says this

An athletic department web site that tries to convince people that what was bad was really good does nothing for anybody. It's not about public relations. It''s about vision. Itâ's about excellence. If you have those things, you don't have to convince people. They will know. And if you don't have them, no public relations campaign will convince anyone that you do.

I disagree when he equates a 20 point lead being blown as being the moral equivalent of the softball sex scandal, the Chuck Person disaster, he beisbol thingies, the total lack of honor and forthrightness:

It has largely stayed out of trouble with the NCAA. It has had its championsnhips seasons. But how many more negative stories, how many more inexplicable losses like Saturday night will it take before that model starts to show real cracks?

but I realize that I may be in the minority, that the fact that our football team blows leads is worse ,in many (if not most) Auburn people's mind, than the fact that our head softball coarch's son is banging softball players or that our (other) legendary basketball player has been charged and arrested for violations of Title 18 of the US Code, that the BoT has endangered the school's accreditation though pettiness and unenlightened self interest.

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