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ovar anonymous snipe artist ( on 10/3/2017 - 2:28 p.m. says: ( 40 views , 6 likes )

"RE: The cake at Masterpiece Cakeshop can't possibly be that good"

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So the Supreme Court selected the same-sex Colorado cake case for the fall

This is just a weird case to me. Mostly my thinking comes from a few years of working at restaurants during college:

You really want some food prepared from an idjit in the kitchen that resents you? Believe me, you don't. You really, really, really don't. 

I know that it is mostly the principal of the thing: This dude is discriminating on the basis of one's sexual orientation. Therefore: He's an asshole. Why not just go elsewhere? 

The cake at Masterpiece Cakeshop can't possibly be that good to run it up to THIS Supreme Court in a gamble. 



It's not like it is a cinnamon roll. How good could it be?
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