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Wayne philosopher chef ( on 10/1/2017 - 3:52 p.m. says: ( 28 views , 6 likes )

"It is exhibit A that he only cares about himself."

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This Trump tweet just shows what a little insecure person he really is. . . .

"In analyzing the Alabama Primary race, FAKE NEWS always fails to mention that the candidate I endorsed went up MANY points after endorsement!"


Every situation, every thought, every action is all about him.  He is a baby-man trapped in a man's body.  His money is all that has shielded him from reality.  He will punch down on the down-trodden.  He will shack-up with Nazis. There is no rule, or societal norm, or law, or moral right he will not trample upon to advance his ego . . . even if the doing does not advance any plan or agenda he might pretend to have.

He is not just about Trump . . . he is about that part of Trump that thinks about Trump while admiring Trump in the mirror.  He is a disgusting pig . . .  the least humanity has offered to fill the House that George built.

May we never see his like again.

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