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Trigger philosopher chef ( on 9/28/2017 - 9:26 a.m. says: ( 36 views , 8 likes )

"Tim Jackson sent me a draft. Highlights inside."

Message Replied To ==========

Keep checking my email for "A letter from Jay Jacobs"

I've not received one.==============================

Coach Pearl and I were shocked, shocked I say.
My paramount concern is our student-athletes. Angie and I feel like parents to these kids.
Our exhaustive investigation during lunch Tuesday showed no others were involved.
I don't think it will harm recruiting at all.
We will cooperate fully with authorities if Coach Dye agrees.
There is no pattern here. These incidents were weeks and months apart.
Call 1-800-FAM-BLEE to donate today.

The Auburn Creed isn't mentioned.

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