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Hobbes philosopher chef ( on 9/24/2017 - 9:42 a.m. says: ( 35 views , 13 likes )

"25 thoughts on game in particular and Saturday in general:"

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1. I am glad that Drew Loche plays for a team that gives him no support at all, instead of any other SEC team we face.

2. Mizzou's offensive line is worse than ours. At least our guys tend to know the snap count.

3. No turnovers and only one garbage time sack by our O is pretty good improvement. Even if it is against the worst SEC defense I've seen since ours in 2012.

4. Tray Blackmon is pretty good as replay official.

5. Chris Doring and Gene the Chiznick are pretty good analysts. And on top of that Gene is not nearly as ugly as Booger (who I liked as well). The Chiz will talk about what is like to coach a bad team and a good team, I keep waiting on him to add "and I've done both so I know what I am talking about".

5. Stidham is pretty fast when he gets a head of steam going. He's not Nick Marshall fast by any stretch of the imagination, but he's not Tim Drinkard slow either.

6. Bombs away. I like that.

7. Barret is going to be good.

8. Will Hastings. He fast. Also he is a baller. He may just be Nick Marshall fast.

9. Legatron has returned. We've missed you.

10. Offense looks better with Kerryon in there instead of Pettway. And I like Pettyway.

11. Eli Stove. He fast.

12. Trey Matthews is having a hell of a season. His play reminds me of Bob Harris. Or maybe its just his number.

13. To damn with the faintest of praise, the two clowns calling our game last night are not nearly as bad as Foobaw Bob Davie and Jones and light years from the idiots who did the game last week. The dumb linebacker guy had actually watched film of Mizzou and Auburn. But I think Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles' legacy is safe for now.

14. Mizzou football is a dumpster fire.

15. I don't know if it was our game but I heard a genius on ESPN commentating yesterday say "yeah you usually don't hear about corner-backs who like contact" or words to same or similar effect. Right. He hang with a different set of DB's then I did. Every defensive back I ever knew loved to hit people. And cornerbacks more than most.

16. Bama. Yeech. I didn't really think they would win, but I thought they would at least fail to cover. That was never a game.

17. UGA. Yeech. I actually expected MSU to beat Georgia, not like they beat LSU but still. UGA shut down the Edmund Fitzgerald and made State's defense look silly.

18. Gators. Gus needs to make Coach Jim Dale McHoustonNutt return his lucky horseshoe. He is going to need it the next few months.

19. TCU might be for real.

20. TAMU Arkie is exciting every year. Piss on Jerry Jones though from a very great height.

21. One should never wish career ending injuries on any player not named Cecil Collins, Ray Rice or Jameis Winston (or performing acts like they did). But given that career ending injuries are going to happen on any given Saturday, why not Baker Mayfield? Asking for a friend.

23. Cocks vs. UT is shaping up to be a show down as a pillow fight between an nonagenarian using a walker and a octogenarian in a wheelchair.

24. I feel that our D has the ability to keep us in any game. The script has flipped since 2010 and 2013-14, where I had hoped for a halfway competent Defense to help out our offense. Now we just need our offense not to trip over its collective penis (5 TO's and 11 sacks and stupid penalties are right out)

25. To quote Tigress: "Its great to be an Auburn Tiger, but its not always easy to be an Auburn Tiger".

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