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Caveman anonymous snipe artist ( on 9/20/2017 - 12:57 a.m. says: ( 43 views , 6 likes )

"So what if Gus and the gang turn it around?"

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2-1 at this point is nothing to hang your head about. I expected a lapse after Clemson if we lost. I also think we are playing at less than 100% healthy. Will those of you angry and calling for the heads of coaches turn around and as fervently sing their praises. Call it a weakness call it protecting my own, but having been in and currently having the same pressure and things said about me and the great staff I work on knowing we are young inexperienced and nowhere near as talented as we have been the last two years. Yet we are still 2-2 in one of Georgia's most talented regions. Yes at Auburn there have been some epic recruiting failures, and yes most of that falls on the head coach, but some also falls on the campus atmosphere, facilities which are sub-Auburn standard and on negative media coverage. Right now he is our guy and I will circle the wagons and dig in until he is no longer our guy. Hoping he fails to beat Bama is like hoping America breaks up into civil war because you don't like Trumps political party. I for one hope he turns this thing around and wins out. If he doesn't win 9-10 games and fails to beat Bama again I am sure we will have a new guy to get behind or bitch about which seems to have become second nature to every program not named Clemson or Bama Sucks.

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