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Aubiece philosopher chef ( on 9/11/2017 - 1:05 p.m. says: ( 25 views , 7 likes )

"RE: HCGM's biggest problem is similar to the biggest problem Ralph Jordan had"

in response to HCGM's biggest problem is similar to the biggest problem Ralph Jordan had, posted by iPhoneHobbes
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HCGM's biggest problem is similar to the biggest problem Ralph Jordan had

Except Gus spells his N I C K S A B A N instead of P A U L B R Y A N T. But he faces a problem Shug never faced: spoiled rotten baby boomer as PTB and as rank and file GAF members, most of whom would have violated Shug's grooming standards.==============================

I debated on poasting this, I consider you guys my AU family and friends.

I will probably piss some folks off, but teh AUBIGJOE in me said I need to.

So I will treat you like I treat my family:


Rant on:

I agree with Hobbes, CGM main problem is Nabas.

And Nabas winning like Byrant.

To hold AU to this standard is not even remotely reasonable.


AU does need to play better and does need to beat UGA.

I look at the rest of the SEC, and except for Bama,  AU should win those games.

And I know I am a AU sunshine pumper, AU can beat Bama.

Football is a lot about attitude, belief and toughness. 

So, yeah, AU can beat Bama.

AU will need to find a pulse on Offense, but I believe they can, the talent is there.


For some of you to  start calling for his job, I cannot believe what I see.

I went to AU during the last years of Coach Jordan, and the start of the Barfield Glory Years.

9 Straight losses to Bama, most of which I  just hoped the score would not be embarrassing.

9 straight years…


So when all the AU faithful start with their pitchforks, torches, tar, feathers and search for a rail to run Gus

out  town on, I am really stunned.

I want to yell,  “Get off my Lawn !”


This is can still be a great season, I just can’t believe what I see and read on the AU Boards, AU Blogs and



I can’t even begin to believe AU football would be better off blow it all  up and start from scratch.

Rant off.


 and WDE !



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They aint been in a dogfight...We are a dogfight..


Coarch Gus Malzhan




When the eagles are silent the parrots will jabber..


Sir Winston Churchill




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Every normal man must be tempted to spit on his hands, hoist the Black Flag and begin to slit thr
































































H. L. Mencken 

































































































































































































































































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