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im4aubie philosopher chef ( on 8/28/2017 - 9:42 a.m. says: ( 34 views , 9 likes )

"More accurately, Ole Miss and Miss State are like a lesbian couple fighting in "

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Who leaked Leo Lewis' name to Steven Godfrey? 

There's a reason the Recruits were named #39 and #40- there were 38 other recruits who got illegal benefits from the Ole Miss coaching staff (clothes, money, hookers), yet Ole Miss only goes after the two who went to The Mississippi State University.

Ole Miss is like a Lesbian Couple suing a Christian baker (Mississippi State) for not baking a wedding cake for them- they want to ruin them, knowing that if they go to a Muslim baker (ie, Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan, Georgia, etc), they'll get their heads chopped off.


the apartment next door. Nobody cares, nobody wants to hear it, but the walls just aren't thick enough.

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