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Top Cat philosopher chef ( on 8/15/2017 - 4:59 p.m. says: ( 36 views , 6 likes , 2 m0nKey )

"So. let me tell you why I married the right woman. . . ."

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1) Every week, she hears from another woman, "You know you look like Michelle Pfeiffer?"

2) She is smarter than me.

3) She likes single malt scotch.

4) She is a fantastic cook, more like a chef than cook.

5) She loves college football, especially Auburn and Ga Tech(her father was a Tech grad)

6) Just booked a quick vacation to Vail for the next week. She researched golf in Vail/Beaver Creek, identified the Top 3 courses, and booked 3 rounds of golf for me.

7) Did I say she looks like Michelle Pfeiffer?

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