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WCD cheeto-eatin dupe artist ( on 8/14/2017 - 3:30 p.m. says: ( 32 views , 9 likes )

"Do you even read what you poast before you click the button? "

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old news...he was named starter the day he signed scholarship papers.....poor

old sean white...get your ass beat up game in and game out and give you all to the program and for what? to have some hot shot QB with all of three games under his belt and who hasnt played in more than a year to come in and is given your position, gift wrapped?

If the midget did that, he would get beat up in the court of public opinion for a week.


Where to begin?  The # of players "processed" out by UAT -- not of a starting job but of a scholarship?   The notion that Nicky ever has to weather criticism from the Alabama press?   The crocodile tears for an AU player from you?   

But thank you for caring.  


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