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"Very accurate IMHO. And yet -- there is much to be said for the collateral "

in response to snipplet for a NR article....pretty much sums up the trumpster fire..., posted by Bears Boy
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snipplet for a NR article....pretty much sums up the trumpster fire...

"He has had a middling career in real estate and a poor one as a hotelier and casino operator but convinced people he is a titan of industry. He has never managed a large, complex corporate enterprise, but he did play an executive on a reality show. He presents himself as a confident ladies’ man but is so insecure that he invented an imaginary friend to lie to the New York press about his love life and is now married to a woman who is open and blasé about the fact that she married him for his money. He fixates on certain words ('negotiator') and certain classes of words (mainly adjectives and adverbs, 'bigly,' 'major,' 'world-class,' 'top,' and superlatives), but he isn’t much of a negotiator, manager, or leader. He cannot negotiate a health-care deal among members of a party desperate for one, can’t manage his own factionalized and leak-ridden White House, and cannot lead a political movement that aspires to anything greater than the service of his own pathetic vanity.

He wants to be John Wayne, but what he is is 'Woody Allen without the humor.' Peggy Noonan, to whom we owe that observation, has his number: He is soft, weak, whimpering, and petulant. He isn’t smart enough to do the job and isn’t man enough to own up to the fact. For all his gold-plated toilets, he is at heart that middling junior salesman watching Glengarry Glen Ross and thinking to himself: 'That’s the man I want to be.' How many times do you imagine he has stood in front of a mirror trying to project like Alec Baldwin? Unfortunately for the president, it’s Baldwin who does the good imitation of Trump, not the other way around.


benefits from his administration.

The military is being better served and led than the past 2 administrations.  

There is a slowing of the cultural revolution that had gained momentum in the last 2 years.  

Simply not having Obama or Hillary in the White House makes America better.  

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