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Trigger philosopher chef ( on 7/27/2017 - 12:51 p.m. says: ( 43 views , 10 likes )

"My lawn boy, California psychic and podiatrist all counseled me to go public"

with this for peace of mind, but I'll use this OM board. Close enough.

I lived in 'vegas almost 30 years, and was a member of The Cabal for seven of those years. There, I've said it, and the rest should come easier now.

After OM's second win over bammer in 2015, The Cabal's big wheels kept on turnin', like never before. Well, since 1980. Any OM win is of course bad for State, but two consecutive wins over the Tahd cannot stand.

In January 2016, a seven-figure deal was struck with the Devil in the form of a shadowy anti-Semite, bammer fan residing in South Carolina and known as The Puppeteer (TP). He alone is responsible for transforming The Groove into a rock quarry.

Deepfreeze, Björnborg, Mullen, Lewis, Sheridan, Manning, Glenn, Robertson, Hootie, Wormer, Neidermeyer and all the rest - not one of them realizes he is being skillfully manipulated by TP, whose modest appearance belies his many years of underground effectiveness at the highest levels. Keyser Söze trained under him.

There is also a slight TP connection to Auburn. A few years ago he tried to pass himself off here as an AU fan under an alias. Upset over the Kick Six, he wanted to infiltrate what was then an Auburn board to undermine our top men here, but Hobbes skillfully thwarted the attempt. Perhaps some of you recall the poaster below.

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