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DaZeD philosopher chef ( on 3/30/2019 - 6:33 p.m. says: ( 24 views , 6 likes )

"He’ll Be Up On Crutches In Time To Watch Us Play Next Weekend Versus..."

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As feared "Chuma Okeke has torn ACL, will undergo surgery Tuesday"

I hope Charles was wrong. A few weeks back he said "Auburn will go as far as Chuma Okeke can take the mi==============================

Purdue or Virginia 

Pearl now needs to get Purifoy and Dunbar motivated to “be the difference maker” going forward. Wiley and Spencer will have to do the same in the paint.  Get his teammates to dedicate the next 3 games to Chuma. 

I recall an iron bowl in 2002 that everyone thought we were defeated before kickoff without the services of Ronnie Brown or the Cadillac,  both being sidelined with injuries. Tre Smith buckled his chinstrap and went to work to the tune of a 17-7 thumping of Bammar.  Just needed the defense to do their job too. It’s how legends are made...

Starred by: RemusTiger    Aubiece    Hobbes    Wayne    WDE mobile    J.M.   

Yours Truly, 

Johnny Dollar



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